Vision, Mission, Values

Our mission. Why we exist?

We are here to spread the message about water and keep a man healthy

It means that, by using all of our efforts, we spread the message about water, which makes a man healthier. We seek that a person would have a better use of water in life and nutrition. We educate and motivate people to drink healthy and clean water, to treat and forge ourselves by using water, to eat healthy food and be physically active, to experience relaxing and stress-counteracting power of water. Our goal – healthier society, which is attained by using water.

Our vision. What we want to be?

We want to be an organization, which connects people of science and invites them to communicate their ideas, share the newest and most incredible science inventions; the organization, which invites to speak-up engineers, inventors and health experts from Lithuania and around the world. We seek to pass on this idea of healthy lifestyle to talented youth, who are welcome to share their experience and spread important news through seminars, conferences and academic work. We care about physical, mental and spiritual health of people, which is largely influenced by water. We will seek, that Lithuanian medical institutions would use water not only for hand-washing, but also would adopt it for the treatment of diabetes, heart-disease and etc.

Our values

Honesty – We say only what we are sure about, we speak only what we can prove. We don’t lie, we don’t pretend and not a single reason, whatsoever, will force us to act so.

Creativity – We introduce the most unexpected ideas and create plans how to implement them.

Ecology – We seek,that clean water and the Earth would be saved, in order for our children to grow-up healthy and happy.

Initiative – We generate ideas and implement them right away, here and now.

Persistence – We always achieve our goals. Because if a person really wants something, the whole world seems to help in achieving it.

Altruistic – We help other people to be healthy and happy. Because as Jesus Christonce told us to do good deeds: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”


Association “Aqua est vita”

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